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We are truly blessed, to have such lovely dogs and bred wonderful winning siberians. Through his blessings we strive to be the best he allow us to be.
Although there are many difficult people we met along our way, he always gave us much more than what we had lost. OnlySiberians is a brand thru dedication and passion. The signature on a OnlySiberian is everywhere in our breeding.
Today OnlySiberians is dominating the show arena not just in Singapore but also in Malaysia, Philipines, India, Europe and USA.

Thanks to Jesus and Jesus ONLY.
"In Life we Always Win with our Lord Jesus. For we are in him the Hope of Glory. Amen"

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FOOD for our Champions

FOOD for our Champions

Friday, July 29, 2011

Thailand International Dog Show June 2011 Pics

MBIS Thai.Asian.Sing Ch OnlySiberians My Blessed Lady, Blessie wins Group 3rd under Canadian Judge. She went all the way over specials as a open class bitch. Over 200 dogs in Group 5.
MBIS Thai.Asian.Sing Ch OnlySiberians My Blessed Lady, Blessie finishes as Thailand Champion within 3 days under Croatia Judge as Best of Winners.
MBIS Thai.Asian.Sing Ch OnlySiberians My Blessed Lady, Blessie wins Top award as BIS over 250+ dogs under Malaysian Judge. The 1st Local Singapore Bred Dog to win BIS in Thailand or anywhere Internationally. A very happy moment for me as a breeder.

Official : OnlySiberians Will NO Longer be showing in Singapore.

After 4 years of showing in Singapore, and having won everything there is, we have decided to call it quits.
Time for the International scene where the competition is worthy.
Look out for us in more international shows ...We thank the Lord for blessing us right from the beginning when we started.
OnlySiberians xoxo

Monday, July 25, 2011

its been almost 2 whole months lol

Almost forgot I had a blog.... Anyway we had a great show before we went thailand...
And a even better show in Thailand . Our 1st attempt in an International Dog show and we went with our very own Blessie. She not our made us proud , she brought Glory !
She went there as a class dog since she wasn't a thai champion. 1st show as a open class bitch she went from winners bitch to best of winners and during BOB went BOB against almost 60 siberians. Then she went on to WIN BIS ....YES YES YES its BIS ....
Those who knows Group 5 in Thailand knows how strong the competition especially the poms! and huskies and they have 2 national breeds in the same group.
We were in heaven.
Blessie did it again winning another BOB and group 3rd and finished as Thailand Champion during the Impact show.

Talking about being really proud is when Alexander also gave us goose bumps!
He went straight as RBOB behind Bessie on Day 1 . Day 2 he won the Siberian Nationals with another BIS2 and then during the All Breed he went straight as BOB , Group 1st and a BIS2 out of 1500 dogs in the largest ever dog show in possibly Asia this year.

We are so blessed and thank all you knows genuinely what is the standard we set ourselves from the very beginning.
Thank you Jesus for all these favor and blessings and we believe will continue to pour forth.
xoxo OnlySiberians
stay tuned for pics :)

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Its been Quiet lately xoxo

It's Been Quiet Lately

I almost forgot I had a blog until someone reminded me lol. Sadly I don't have much time to blog on my beloved doggies and show pics. It's been a while now so where do I start. 2011 seems like a very fast year..its June in a blink of an eye ! We ONLY had 1 official dog show not including the Toy Dog club show which Justin won 2x BIS and a open show RBIS :) He is currently the No. 1 Toy & Pomeranian. Having been thailand recently and seen the quality I really appreciate that Justin could easily pass off winning breed in Thailand now. Even breeder Mr J mentioned that. Those that have seen poms and into poms know well that not even USA have nicer poms than Thailand. I am really happy that Justin is part of my life.

Back to siberians, OnlySiberians will soon go Down Under :) Hope our siberians will make us all proud back home here. The show scene in Australia is much more awesome compared locally. Better handlers , better weather, better club, better show ground (outdoors ) etc
Wish I was there :(

Finally my dream in siberians have came to pass .
Till next time xoxo OnlySiberians

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Official : Stormy is semi retired.

We would like to thank and remember those moments that our beloved Stormy had brought us. He won through his merit and extraordinary movement and class. He was and still is above any show dog I have personally seen. WEF from 2011 he has entered into semi retirement as a show dog :) He will still be shown occasionally because he just loves to do that and we will never place him in retirement because in our eyes he grows younger each day. This week marks his 7th birthday together with his brother Ryder .
Its the perfect rest that brings the curtains down but certainly he will continue to follow us where ever we go and bring us more joy in his children. We certainly believe he will definitely win a few more BIS in the next few years to come .
Happy Birthday Stormy & Ryder

Saturday, February 19, 2011


BBPIS OnlySiberians Return of the King
BBPIS OnlySiberians Return of the King

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Big Thank You from us at OnlySiberians/Dektos

"A Blessed Christmas and Happy New Year to all our friends around the world.
Happy Birthday to our Lord Jesus in whom we are Great Blessed, Highly Favored & Deeply Loved. Amen"

Your Sincerely
Jermaine & Adren
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